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仨生自然 Three-way Relationships
HKYAF - Beyond Environmental Arts Festival 東亞綠色藝術節

Wood Type: Pine    |   Size: 1000mm L x 800mm H x 600mm W     
Complete: Jul 2023 


In the past, Hong Kong rice farmers often used cows and buffalo to work their fields. With the decline of local agriculture in the 1970s, many working animals were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Today, feral buffalo can be found in areas around Lantau Island, Sai Kung, Ma On Shan, and the central and northeastern New Territories.

Wherever you find buffaloes you often find cattle egrets too. Walking alongside, or perching on a buffalo’s back, the egrets eat the insects that fly out as the animals move about. The relationship is beneficial for the buffalo too, as the egrets remove ticks from their backs. Over the years, the impact of land development has reduced the natural habitats of these creatures, making this harmonious partnership a rare sight in Hong Kong today.

Inspired by the symbiotic relationship of egrets and buffalo, woodcarving artists Vivian Law and Justin Chan worked with students to create 15 wooden sculptures of cattle egret to display with their commissioned artwork – a wooden sculpture of a buffalo. Their work encourages us to reflect on the three-way relationship between animal species, nature and humans.


相授 x 協作


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