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角利牌線鋸內容 :
‧ 用於曲線作業
‧ 適用於木材,薄板,塑膠,輕金屬
‧ 附有5條線鋸條
‧ 容易替換線鋸
‧ 台灣製造

Description :
‧ Sawing curved lines 

‧ Blade for cutting wood, plastic and metal
‧ 5 blades included
‧ Easy blade change

‧ Made in Taiwan


- The multi-purpose hacksaw is a handy-tool designed for easy application by various kinds of users and it is widely used in  decoration and handicraft processing.
- It is a light and compact hacksaw that lets you cut almost any material in both straight and curved lines.

角利牌線鋸 KAKURI Multi-purpose Handy Hacksaw

SKU: TL005
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