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刀形 Knife shapes (mm):

‧ 粗坏中圓刀25  Rough cut mid-round 25

粗坏中圓刀15  Rough cut mid-round 15

粗坏平刀15  Rough cut flat 15

修光中圓刀15  Refine cut mid-round 15

修光中圓刀5  Refine cut mid-round 5

修光中圓刀3  Refine cut mid-round 3

修光淺圓刀10  Refine cut shallow-round 10

修光平刀10  Refine cut flat 10

修光平刀5  Refine cut flat 5

修光平刀3  Refine flat 3

修光翹頭刀15  Refine cut bent-round 15

修光翹頭刀10  Refine cut bent-round 10

修光斜刀15  Refine skew knife 15

修光三角刀4  Refine V-knife 4

14支東陽刀連刀袋 14-pieces-Dongyang Knives with roll-bag

SKU: TL001
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