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3033 Postbox of Plum
commissioned project 

Wood Type:Camphor   |   Size:250mm H  |   Complete : Oct 2022 
This post box witnesses a love story.
The idea of the work is to use a Camphor tree log, which represents the body of a man, to dig a post box in the heart position of the wood log. The heart only carries love to a lady. 

Plum is the meaning of the lady’s given name. Plum shape essential oil holder represents love for the wife. 

There is a love story behind the 3033 post box. 50 years ago, a man who lived in Hong Kong used this post box to receive his lover’s letters, letters are written by a girl who lived in Vietnam. 

They haven’t met each other before. No internet, no telephone, they just communicated by letters. 

#woodcarving #sculpture #customorder #carving #camphor #木雕 #雕刻 #雕塑 #木彫り #comissionedart

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