Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft 開業於2013年,有幸聚集了一眾喜愛木質的好友,並鼓勵著我們步向更多元化,把更有趣的木藝經驗分享給大家。

兩位木雕藝術家 Vivian Law與 Justin Chan,藉著木雕藝術推崇減法生活,達至與大自然同步。先後到台灣及浙江東陽等地學藝,涉獵現代與傳統視野。現駐紮觀塘工作室,專注藝術創作、學校教學、社區工作坊、產品設計等,把木雕融入繁華鬧市。
Bespecial Wood Carving & Woodcraft established in 2013. Vivian Law and Justin Chan, two wood caving sculptors promote a living-with-less life style and stay harmonious with the nature in Hong Kong. They acquired their carving skills in different places, such as Taiwan and Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, which exposed them to both modern and traditional carving. They are now based in its Kwun Tong studio, focusing on art creation, community workshops, and product design, integrating wood carving into this prosperous city. 


Feb - Mar. 2021

木工與他們的產地 Hong Kong Carpenters

本土木工展覽 @ 合舍

Jul - Aug. 2020

Re_Connection @ CBCC DESIGN WEEK 2020