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ANIMAL STORY - Little Penguin

Prince is an emperor penguin. He has many siblings however he is the timidest and shy one among his brothers and sisters.  He tries hard to be a brave and upright penguin as he will build his own family and be a king who protects everyone in the near future.


珍奇動物「企鵝」材料包 Exotic Animal "Penguin" Whittling Material Pack

SKU: CK001
    • Wood Block 木料 [H90mm] x 1 (Basswood 椴木)
    • Sandpaper 砂紙 [#120] x 1
    • Sandpaper 砂紙 [#240] x 1
    • Brush 油掃 x 2
    • Acrylic 顏料 x 1
    • Palette Paper 調色紙. x 1
    • Band-Aid 膠布 x 1 (以防萬一 JUST IN CASE)
    • Instruction Manual 教學說明 x 1
    • Online Tutorial 網上教學 x 1 


    Carving tools are not included, we suggest you purchase the tools as below 此材料包不含工具,我們建議添購以下工具:


    Exotic Animal Tools Set

    • Whittling Knife 橫手刀
    • V-Gouge 三角刀
    • Bench Hook 推板

    Purchase Here 購買連結:Exotic Animal Tool Set



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