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Vase - Moody Alpaca

They simply don’t care how many human beings love them.


• 所有羊駝花瓶均獨一無二,沒有複製。

• 打開盒子時請小心玻璃瓶從羊駝頭頂掉出。

• 乾花、葉子等可能會因運送而脱落。

• Each alpaca vase is unique and has no other copies.

• Please beware of the glass bottle falling out from the head of the alpaca.

• Falling of dried flowers and leaves would be caused during transportation.


• Size: L100mm x H90mm x D60mm

• Weight: 158g

• Material: Camphor, Glass Bottle

• Colour: Acrylic & Stain


Message for Pre-orders

This wooden box is hand-made directly from the artist’s hands and heart. Every piece of wood as well as wood grains are different from one another. They were selected for their uniqueness and being shaped by hand tools with human touch and added with positive thoughts.

The colours and textures shown in the above photos are for your reference, it is guaranteed that none of the final products will be the same as each other.


Working lead-time: 6-8weeks



This product is applied with Looben Wood Wax Oil Maintenance & Cleaning (Taiwan)

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight which will cause damage like discolouration and cracks on the wood.

Vase - Moody Alpaca

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