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Welcome Back 時計系列結合雕塑與時計,木雕工藝家把幻想座落於森林內溫暖的家,帶到現實家中。希望人們每天工作過後,回到家裡,能騰出片刻緩和下來,看著時間流動,好好去探索與休憩,慢慢進入心中奇幻的家。 「你回來了,進來好好休息吧。」 每一件作品都為人手雕刻,獨一無二,可以看到一刀一刀人手鑿出介乎規律與隨性的痕跡。時計座枱使用。


The "Welcome Back" timepiece series combines sculpture and timepieces. The artisans bring their fantasy of a warm home in the forest to a real home. It hopes that when people return home after a long day of work, they can take a moment to relax, by watching the flow of time, slowly enter their inner mind of home. "Welcome back, let’s come in and have a good rest.”

Each work is hand-carved and unique, and you can see the traces of regularity and randomness carved out by hand with each cut. The timepiece can be used as a stand.


• Size: L155mm x H155mm x D60mm

• Weight: 220g

• Material: Pinewood, Elm, Walnut

• Colour: Acrylic

• Remarks: Alkaline AA batteries ×1 (Not Included)

• Table Clock


Message for Pre-orders

This timepiece is hand-made directly from the artist’s hands and heart. Every piece of wood as well as wood grains are different from one another. They were selected for their own uniqueness and being shaped by hand tools with human touch and added with positive thoughts.


Working lead-time: 6-8weeks.



This product is applied with Looben Wood Wax Oil Maintenance & Cleaning (Taiwan)

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight which will cause damage like discolouration and cracks on the wood.



Name engraving (English alphabets only) service is available, please type the names or words you want us to engrave on the back side of the clock if any.

Thank you very much!

"Welcome Back" Timepiece Series | Warm House

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