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Bespecial   x   Shiba Kori @ Taichung
Shop Art  | Wood Sculpture Shiba 

​#打卡 #香港木雕 #此木二水 #台中

木質:白木    |   Size:60cm長 x 43cm高   |   完成日期:19 Feb 2019

身在台中的客人鍾情藝術及工藝品,以柴犬為切入點,聯乘港台兩地藝術家交流,把工匠及藝術元素融入店內。感謝客人Franco讓我們得以令兩隻1:1原大的木雕柴犬面世,現展示於台中冰店「此木‧二水 Shiba Kori」。​​

Our client, Franco who started a Taiwanese dessert business since 2018. We feel grateful to be commissioned to create two life-sized wooden sculpture Shiba dogs as shop display art. It was also our first attempt in creating life-sized dog sculpture that we have learnt so much from the process. 

Shop Name「此木‧二水 Shiba Kori」


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